Nanni Russo Joins 'Noi di Centro' After Meeting with National Secretary Clemente Mastella

Nanni Russo
Nanni Russo
Monday 26 February 2024, 16:18
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Following a long and cordial conversation with the national secretary Clemente Mastella, Nanni Russo, a doctor and already a municipal councilor at Palazzo Mosti, officially joins «Noi di Centro». Russo was a candidate in support of Clemente Mastella in the last administrative elections in Benevento on the «Benevento Bellissima» list. Last year he joined the Brothers of Italy, however, he only remained in the party for a few months.

«With Nanni, there is a consolidated relationship of esteem and friendship. In the last period, he had decided to stop for a period of reflection, but now we have found full political harmony. Nanni's experience and skills, which will enter the city management of NdC, will be valuable resources for our team», comments Mastella.

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