Protest at RAI headquarters in Naples leads to clashes and injuries

Ghali, scontri al corteo di Napoli: manifestanti feriti a colpi di manganello
Ghali, scontri al corteo di Napoli: ​manifestanti feriti a colpi di manganello
Tuesday 13 February 2024, 12:33 - Last updated : 23:58
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Moments of high tension in front of the RAI headquarters in Naples, on Viale Marconi, for a demonstration organized after the controversies following the performance of Ghali at Sanremo. Some protesters wanted to hang a banner but the attempt was blocked by the police. There were pushes and baton charges that led to the injury of five police officers and five protesters during the riots.

The sit-in ended shortly after 2 pm. Of the five injured officers, two are on duty at the Mobile Department while three others at the local police station. From protesters sources, it is learned that five activists were hit and forced to seek medical treatment after the clashes. None of the injured are in serious condition. A photojournalist, present at the scene, suffered a wound to the eyebrow arch. The protesters left the sit-in after obtaining to release a video statement on the reasons for the protest.

The images coming from Naples, where a sit-in had been organized outside the RAI headquarters in support of the Palestinian cause, are shocking. From the first reconstructions the response of the police to the protesters appears totally disproportionate. The measure is full. There is an unbearable climate of regime. We ask Piantedosi to take responsibility for what happened in Naples and to clarify what made such a reaction necessary. Thus the representatives of the 5 Star Movement in the Rai Supervisory Commission.

It is necessary to clarify the dynamics of the facts, but what happened in front of the RAI headquarters in Naples, where some protesters would have been baton charged by the Police just because they wanted to display a banner for peace in the Middle East and because the public service guarantees freedom of expression, appears very serious. The images of young people with bloody faces are going around the network. Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi clarify as soon as possible what happened, we are very worried about this climate of intimidation of those who express different opinions. This is stated by the Neapolitan senator of the Democratic Party Valeria Valente.

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