Woman Sentenced to 8 Years for Unintentional Homicide of Partner After Dispute

Il Tribunale di Santa Maria Capua Vetere
Il Tribunale di Santa Maria Capua Vetere
Wednesday 17 April 2024, 15:52 - Last updated : 16:59
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At the peak of a dispute that erupted on the street and then continued at home, she struck her partner on the head with an object, subsequently causing his death. For this reason, the judge for preliminary hearings of the court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Alessia Stadio, has sentenced, at the end of the abbreviated trial, to eight years in prison for unintentional homicide the 46-year-old Rosanna Oliviero. Victim of the assault, which took place in Vairano Patenora on June 12th of the previous year, was her 44-year-old partner Rino Pezzullo, who died at the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples after five days of agony. For the Prosecutor's Office of Santa Maria Capua Vetere - deputy Giacomo Urbano - who requested the conviction of the defendant (defended by Massimo Caiano), Pezzullo died as a result of the consequences of a violent blow to the face delivered by the woman, which caused the fracture of the nasal bones and made him fall to the ground backwards, a circumstance that caused a severe cranial trauma with internal bleeding; the medical-legal report produced by the consultant appointed by the Prosecutor's Office was decisive. From the investigations carried out, it emerged that the couple had a heated argument while they were in a car on the streets of Vairano, then the discussion continued in Pezzullo's house. Oliviero called 118 (emergency services), and to the paramedics, she explained that her partner had a sudden illness; Pezzullo was taken to the hospital, dying after a few days. After the death of the 44-year-old, the carabinieri showed up at the woman's house, suspecting that things had not gone as the 46-year-old had recounted, also because Oliviero had a bruise on her mouth compatible with a dispute; the military police seized the victim's house and the car where the two had argued, acquired images from surveillance cameras and testimonies, and reconstructed the incident. At the trial, the five sisters of Pezzullo, assisted by Ernesto De Angelis, constituted themselves as a civil party.
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